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A Special Film


Earlier this week I wrote a post on my Instagram about a roll of film I shot that went wrong and decided to share the full story on here:

‘So last week I shot a roll of 35mm film whilst in the countryside visiting my cousins. A couple of days ago I put the film in the pocket of my dungarees and went out, when I came back home it was gone. I debated for a minute whether to bother going back but I had a vision of it lying on the road where I’d been. So I got back into my car, drove back and hey presto there it was! But the bad news was I’d run the film canister over and smashed it, letting light into the roll of film and potentially ruining the pictures I’d taken.

I quickly wrapped it all up and sent it to be developed with a little note explaining what had happened. Today I went and collected that film and was blown away by how magical those crushed images turned out. I think there’s a reason something deep down told me to get back into that car and drive back to find the film canister. Special, special, special.’


There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.’