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Which part of Bali is best for families?

WHAT ARE THE BEST AREAS FOR FAMILIES? Some neighbourhoods in Bali cater to families more than others, but it’s really a matter of preference. JIMBARAN. NUSA DUA. SEMINYAK. UBUD. NUSA LEMBONGAN. CANGGU. ULUWATU.[1]

What is the best holiday destination for families?

Riviera Maya, Mexico. Santorini, Greece. Bali, Indonesia. Sussex, England. South Africa. Puglia, Italy. Ireland. Maldives.[2]

What should I avoid in Bali?

Driving a scooter without a licence. Drugs. Un-regulated boats. Arak. Drinking tap water. Dressing disrespectfully. Stepping on ceremonial offerings. Stray dogs and cats.[3]

Is Bali worth visiting with family?

Apart from these, you can also visit Kuta, Denpasar, Monkey Forest and the Nusa Islands. Bali is one of the best places for a vacation with family as it has beaches, eminent flora and fauna, and is loved by kids. A trip to Bali is a great way to utilise your holidays with your family.[4]

Is Bali cheaper than Maldives?

Bali is a much cheaper option as compared to the Maldives. The accommodation is cheap as compared to the Maldives resorts.[5]

Is Bali cheaper than Thailand?

The Costs – Overall, Thailand comes off as a little cheaper in prices for accommodation, food and drinks. If you’re on a super tight budget and plan to mostly stay in one place, Thailand is the better bet.[6]

What is the cheapest month to fly to Bali?

February is the cheapest month to fly to Bali, has cheaper accommodation and is quieter as a result of the rainy season.[7]

Is Bali cheap for Indian?

The hotels will cost you an average of Rs. 4000 for a night whereas a home stay will cost you around Rs. 3500 a night. Also, expect to spend anywhere between 800 to 3000 a day on local transport and other activities.[8]

Can Indian go Bali without passport?

No. Indian passport holders are not required applying for a tourist visa. If an Indian citizen is staying for less than 30 days, then he/she does not require a visa.[9]

Is visa required for Bali?

Do Indians need a Visa for Bali-Indonesia? No, Indonesia is a Visa free country for Indians so Indian citizens travelling to Bali for less than 30 days do not require a Visa. If your travel duration is more than 30 days, then you need a Visa. You can select the type of Visa as per your Travel purpose.[10]

Is Maldives good for family holiday?

Is the Maldives good for a family holiday? It might be famed for its romantic setting, but the Maldives makes just as good a holiday spot for families. The beaches are perfect for children of all ages, with the softest of sands, shallows for paddling in and plenty of fun activities to keep their interest.[11]

Where should I take my kids in the summer holidays?

Spanish mainland. Spain ticks all of the boxes for Brits looking for an inexpensive sun-filled holiday with fun for all of the family. Algarve. Balearic Islands. Greece. France. London. The Lake District. Bristol.[12]