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Bali Kfc Prices

Bali Kfc Prices

Does Bali have KFC?

Available for a limited time only, KFC Balinese Crunch will transport you to the paradisical Bali island with its tropically spicy & citrusy flavours infused into our signature Hot & Spicy fried chicken.[1]

What is KFC called in Bali?

Take A Trip To Bali With KFC’s New Balinese Crunch Well, essentially, it has tropically spicy & citrusy flavours infused into KFC’s signature Hot & Spicy fried chicken. PETRONAS Launches NEW Café Mesra With Barista-Grade Coffees, Local Kuih, Pastries & More![2]

How much is KFC 10 bucket?

The $30 10-Piece Feast gets you: 10 pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken or Extra Crispy Bone-In Chicken. 2 large sides of mashed potatoes and gravy. 1 large side of coleslaw.[3]

Does KFC have a 6 piece bucket?

A bumper bargain bucket of six pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken pieces, with four regular fries. A feast fit for the whole family.[4]

What comes in a KFC 3 piece meal?

Three pieces of everyone’s favourite Original Recipe chicken, with regular fries and a drink.[5]

How many KFC are there in Indonesia?

As of September 2020, KFC Indonesia has 738 outlets across Indonesia, with 443 located in Java; 136 in Sumatra; 55 in Sulawesi; 49 in Kalimantan; 37 in Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara; and 18 in Maluku and Papua.[6]

What pieces of chicken are in a 10 piece KFC bucket?

Like the name suggests, you can choose 10 pieces of chicken (a mix of legs, wings, breast, and thighs) in any of the varieties offered by KFC (Original Recipe and Extra Crispy in bone-in or boneless varieties, and Grilled).[7]

How many pieces of chicken are in a KFC bucket?

Under ‘Menu For One’, KFC lists a chicken bucket. It comprises 21 pieces of Original Recipe totalling 18,853 kilojoules.[8]

What’s in a KFC mega box?

Chicken three ways – Original Recipe, 100% chicken breast Mini Fillet and two hot wings – with a large fries and the Colonel’s gravy. Easy on the pocket, full on flavour.[9]

What is the biggest KFC bucket?

It’s the ultimate KFC bucket! Fourteen pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken, with eight 100% chicken breast Mini Fillets, eight Hot Wings, one large Popcorn Chicken, two large sides and six regular fries, plus a large bottle of drink for sharing.[10]

What’s the KFC $20 deal?

So if you like food, my Family Fill Up happens to be a great way to feed 4 people with 8 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 2 large mashed potatoes, 1 large gravy, 1 cole slaw and 4 biscuits for only $20.[11]

What is the price of KFC bucket?

Get 9 Pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken, 2 Coleslaws, 1 Fries Bucket and a 1.5 Ltr Drink – for just Rs. 1575![12]